[TitanMen.com] Rent (Preview Video)

Dallas welcomes muscle lovers Vinnie Stefano and Lorenzo Flexx to the home. He eyes Lorenzo, who shows off his ass while sunbathing. Hairy Vinnie brings his sub inside: “You really like teasing that big muscle daddy, don’t you? Let’s really give him something to watch!” Vinnie drops his towel, his steel shaft soon buried inside Lorenzo’s mouth. “Choke on it! Atta boy!” yells Vinnie, eager to whip his dick on Lorenzo. “Stick your tongue out!” Vinnie buries his bearded face inside Lorenzo’s hole, then slaps his ass as he slams it from behind. The top’s big, full balls hang low as he grips Lorenzo’s G-string and pounds him. “Fucking take my dick!” he yells (“I’ll do whatever you want…fuck me as hard as you can, daddy!”). Dallas watches from outside, soon releasing and stroking his beast. The moaning Lorenzo turns over for more, his dick rock hard as he gets handled (“You’re so deep in there!”). The bottom shoots a thick wad, Dallas then squirting into his own hand and licking it off. Vinnie finishes off the verbal frenzy by unloading on the bottom.

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[TitanMen.Com] Demolition (Preview Video)

After breaking ground on their latest site, two hard hat studs decide to celebrate—and beefy Lorenzo Flexx knows exactly what he wants, dropping to his knees to worship Tex Davidson’s monster. “Fuck yeah!” moans Tex as his knob gets slobbered. Lorenzo works up steady streams of spit that cling from his mouth to the shaft, dripping down to the floor from his scruffy face and Tex’s sac. “Get down on that mother fucker!” moans Tex as he whips his dick on the sucker’s chest. “Yeah baby!” Tex sucks his bud back, his own dick throbbing in excitement. He then fucks Lorenzo (“Gimmie that big dick!”), whose cock twitches as he gets pounded before they squirt.

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[Maskurbate.Com] Naughty Job Interview 2 (Preview Video)

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[Maskurbate.Com] Powertool – Scene 1 (Preview Clip)

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